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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I haven't worked out in awhile, is it okay to jump into class? We always want you to check with your doctor to ensure that exercise is safe for you first. If you've been given the go-ahead or are already somewhat active, join us! We encourage you to go at your own pace and we can modify most moves to accommodate all fitness levels. We are truly a community of all ages, sizes and stages.

  • What will my child do while I workout? We LOVE when our kiddos decide to grab a mat and join us, but we also realize that some will want to play with their newfound friends. Whether they bounce back and forth from blocks to squats or spend the entire class doing cartwheels and then collapse on the floor to color, just remember that they're always watching their mama and learning from your healthy example! Our instructors are always thrilled to demonstrate kid-friendly moves.

  • I have older kids, are they welcome in class? We get it. Working out with mom is not exactly "cool" anymore at some point, but that doesn't mean that your dedication and hard work stops rubbing off. This stage of childhood/teen-hood is probably the MOST important time to show your children what it means to make health a priority. Have them bring their homework or a book - seize the opportunity to get them away from screen time!

  • What if my baby or toddler needs to eat? Has a stinky diaper? Cries? Throws a tantrum? Do what you need to do, girl! Your kiddos are always priority #1 and we've ALL been there. So what if you spend half the class breast or bottle feeding? Change the diaper - or 3 - we wouldn't want to sit in it either! Hold that crying baby and squat. Tantrum? Get that screaming kiddo to dance to the music with a little distraction. We promise you won't be made to feel like an outsider. You made it to class, that's half the battle.

  • Do I need to register for class? We strongly encourage you to preregister as our classes are based on small group training of up to 10 people max. We keep our classes small for both the safety of our kiddos in attendance as well as the ability to provide more one on one focus for our clients.

  • What types of exercises are included in class?  We strongly believe in the power of strength training, so our primary focus is on body weight moves and those including dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands. We like to spice things up with a bit of Barre, kickboxing and yoga - but our primary goal is always to provide classes that are easy to follow and well-rounded.